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As a continuation of our SAP consultancy company that we first established in 2009, we established our new company in 2019 under the roof of "Grifin" where we combined our many technological capabilities.

In addition to SAP consultancy services, Grifin can provide services in many areas such as mobile, web, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies .

In addition, it has solutions for both corporate and end users with its products.

Quality, speed and customer satisfaction are our company principles. Solving a problem is not fixing or avoiding it. As a company, our approach is to go down to the root cause and to produce permanent solutions.


We are ready with our professional team to help you better, contact us for more detailed information.

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Our incorporation work, which started in London, was completed in Istanbul. Our SAP consulting services have started.


As a subcontractor, we successfully completed our second year with many SAP projects..


With the Kroman Çelik SAP Project, we gained great experience in the iron and steel industry.


Abdi İbrahim SAP Project We have completed an important project in the pharmaceutical industry as a subcontractor.


Yücel Boru SAP Project is our second iron and steel project.


With the Frimpeks SAP Project, we developed industry-specific solutions and products.


We had a busy year with our e-Transformation projects.


With GriFF Freight Forwarding System, we wrote a small ERP system for shipping companies that will cover all processes.


We have signed a very large SAP integration project with the Dealer Portal project.


We started a start-up process for Shifo shift planning systems.


We have combined all our technological capabilities under the roof of Griffin. Griffin is established.


We participated in the Oyak Holding Human Resources project. With a successful work, we played an important role in this great project.